Finn of Tomland (SE)

Label owner of SonuoS.Electronic/Dub/Experimental Dj since 1994 from Sweden
Got my first gig at Culture-Box in Copenhagen 2006 and have since then had the joy to dj with and do warm-up to: Pete & René (Substance & Vainqueur), The Orb, Deadbeat, Mixmaster Morris, Alva Noto, Byetone, Pan Sonic, Senking, Snd, Onmutu Mechanicks, Thomas Fehlmann, Daniel Miller (Mute), Trentemøller, Emptyset, Ricardo Donoso…
Starts to beat-mix at 35 bpm and never goes faster than 80 bpm.Has played at Trailerpark & Strøm festivals/Copenhagen and Kontra-Musik, Full-Pull and Intonal festivals/Malmö and was the official DJ for the Störung Festival 8.

Started as a Ambient/Electronic/Dub/Experimental DJ 1994 here in Malmö and has had my own weekly clubs like “Almost no tempo at Tempo” & “Chill-Out little square” since then and till 2007.In late 2005 i met Kenneth (Echocord/Pattern Repeat/Culture-Box) and got booked at Culture-Box in Copenhagen early 2006. My first gig there was with Pete & René (Substance & Vainqueur / Chain Reaction) and that went well so at my 2nd gig at Culture-Box i did the warm-up for The Orb. Since 2006 i have played at Culture-Box a lot and then i have been booked to several festivals like Kontra-Musik, Full-Pull and Intonal in Malmö, Norbergfestivalen in Sweden, Trailerpark & Strøm in Copenhagen and Störung Festival in Barcelona.2012 i started my own Electronica/Dub/Experimental label SonuoS.

I have also played at fashionshows like “Stajl by Malmö” with many designers and for a MAXJENNY fashion show.

This is what the TRAILERPARK FESTIVAL in Copenhagen/Denmark says about me…

“Swedish dj Finn Of Tomland is possibly the best chill out/ambient dj in the whole world. With just the right amount of knowledge and patience Finn manage to take this audience on the most beautiful journeys into the world of dub, ambient and techno. Simply perfect for those summer afternoons! Finn has been a resident at Copenhagen club Culture Box for years, and has played alongside acts like Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Mikkel Metal, Redshape, SND, Senking, Surgeron, Sacha Funke and many more. You are in for a treat here!”