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Hello! The site is back online again after a few years (!?) of downtime due to WordPress issues. You can now again enjoy all the content fully, and stay tuned for some news hopefully soon 😉

Second edition of FLIM at Dome of Visions in May


It’s time for a second edition of FLIM at Dome Of Visions on May 6th 2017 – an evening with two live ambient/drone acts in this unique venue outside KTH in Stockholm.

Once again we invite one international and one local live act.

More info TBA


Szymon Kaliski at FLIM – Dome Of Visions

Official 2.1

With 5 days to go let us present our Polish guest who will be performing live for the first time in Sweden.

◱ Szymon Kaliski (PL)

Szymon Kaliski is an Polish multimedia artist combining lo-fi techniques with new digital technologies. Kaliski is constantly searching for individual methods of expression, using self-made software and unique hardware.
His tracks are intentionally filled with imperfections, full of cracks suspended in slowed down soundscapes. Compositions are always born from acoustic sounds, looped, decayed and reconstructed.
In 2015 Szymon did a highly acclaimed mini tour in Japan presented by Kitchen. Label. Besides music Kaliski designs creative applications focused on signal processing, data visualizations and generative art.

FLIM at Dome Of Visions


FLIM at Dome Of Visions is an evening with two live ambient/drone performances in this unique venue outside KTH in Stockholm on 1st October 2016. Artists that will perform during the evening are Szymon Kaliski (PL) and Pour Nous (SE). Thanks to Dome Of Visions and Polska Institutet for their support and making this evening possible.

For more info please visit the EVENT page.


Both concerts are now SOLD OUT. Amazing – we are very excited that so many of you want to see this unique show. See you all on November 9th!


Tickets to Biosphere concert at Cosmonova OUT NOW!


Today we released the tickets to BIOSPHERE LIVE A/V + NIMBES SCREENING AT COSMONOVA in Stockholm.

You can buy the tickets here: and read more about this event here

Website is launched


FLIM-hemsidan Àr hÀr!
Äntligen har vi en egen hemsida, alla tidigare och framtida events samlade pĂ„ ett stĂ€lle (bilder, video, text), kolla in alla vĂ„ra snygga flyers och posters, alla artister och visuella konstnĂ€rer som nĂ„gonsin gĂ€stat FLIM samlade pĂ„ en sida och News sektion dĂ€r vi kommer lĂ€gga upp tips, info och annat trevligt.

(EN) FLIM website is here!
Finally we have our own website, all previous and future events in one place (pictures, videos, text), check out all our pretty flyers and poster, all music artists and visual artists who ever visited FLIM gathered on a page and news section where we will post tips, info and other cool stuff.

10 of the Best Ambient Albums?


Discogs made the unthankful task of putting together a list of 10 of the best ambient albums.

“The one prevailing idea behind this type of music is that it conjures a certain mood and tone of instrumental and relaxed nirvana whilst incorporating samples of every day happenings like bees buzzing, birds chirping, and cows farting.” Discover 10 of the best Ambient Albums:

9 NOV 2015

more info soon



Big THANK YOU to all the artists performing great sets yesterday (Nika Son, Dard Å Ranj FrĂ„n Det HebbershĂ„lska Samfundet and Blazej Malinowski) All of you who stopped by our room, we hope you enjoyed the music and the atmosphere as much as we did. And last but not least THANK YOU to Volt festival and crew for making this possible. You will be missed. If you liked the live performances please check out these artists Soundclouds: