kliin (SE)


FLIM Sthlm founder.

Kliin (Krzysztof Karlsson, born in Bydgoszcz, Poland) is a DJ/VJ and club promoter active in the Swedish ambient and electronica scene. Since the mid-1990’s, he has been spinning records and organising a variety of events, ranging from underground techno clubs to refined ambient bars. His latest project, FLIM, a nomadic club concept based in Stockholm has attracted the most attention. Borrowing its name from an Aphex Twin track, FLIM has become a beloved place for electronic music enthusiasts, bringing DJ-sets, live acts and electronica-infused visuals together.
With DJ sets ranging from ambient, electronica, dub to raw stomping, distorted stepping, industrial atmospheric Techno, Kliin has made several much appreciated appearances as a guest DJ at Intonal, Click Festival, NMM, VOLT Festival in Uppsala and Norbergfestival. And have had the joy to warm up to: Deadbeat, Alva Noto, Sleeparchive, Robert Henke, Mokira and Porn Sword Tobaco to mention a few.