FLIM at Dome of Visions


FLIM at Dome Of Visions is an evening with two live ambient/drone performances in this unique venue outside KTH in Stockholm. We start at 4 PM with mingle (wine, beer, snacks available in the Bar). First live act at 5:30 PM and second at 6:30 PM. Curfew 8 PM.

Free admission but we appreciate any support in form of donations during the evening.

Warm welcome!


◢ Szymon Kaliski (PL) – LIVE

Szymon Kaliski is an Polish multimedia artist combining lo-fi techniques with new digital technologies. Kaliski is constantly searching for individual methods of expression, using self-made software and unique hardware.
His tracks are intentionally filled with imperfections, full of cracks suspended in slowed down soundscapes. Compositions are always born from acoustic sounds, looped, decayed and reconstructed.
In 2015 Szymon did a highly acclaimed mini tour in Japan presented by Kitchen. Label. Besides music Kaliski designs creative applications focused on signal processing, data visualizations and generative art.
This will be his first live performance in Sweden.


◢ Pour Nous (SE) – LIVE

Pour Nous creates his ambient/drone landscapes using guitar loops, field recordings and vocals. Sounds are layered on top of each other together with piano, xylophone and synthesizers. Some drum noises are added by banging on different household items.
Pour Nous started recording his first EP “Ship Breaking” in 2014 as a side project to his post-rock band “No Sympathy Only Violence”. Many of the ideas for the EP came from scrapped songs or alternative versions of the same songs of his post-rock band.
New material is currently being recorded and should be released later in 2016.


Thanks to Dome Of Visions and Polska Institutet for their support and making this evening possible.