FLIM – Henrik José + DJ: Knivflickan + VJ: Transfett

Henrik José (SE)

Electronica/Pop artist Henrik José started releasing music in 1997 being involved in the legendary computer demo scene where he soon gained popularity as Bliss.

In 2003 he released an EP on the exellent netlabel Monotonik with a follow-up EP the year after. After more than four years of silence he is back starting with a premiere performance on fLiM and a new release on Monotonik scheduled for April.

His music has been described as a male lo-fi Björk meets Aphex Twin and The Smiths. He mixes slow ambient landscapes with often intensive and sometimes complex rythms. On top of this you will easily find guitars, pianos, strings and strong melodies together with honest lyrics.
Sometimes sad, but always hopeful.

Most of his releases can be downloaded for free at his homepage!


Guest DJ:

Venue: Nordic Light Hotel