FLIM – Peter Benisch + Visuals: Gaxa by Ulrika Wedin

Guest DJ:
Peter Benisch (SE)

Classically trained composer, hailing from Stockholm, Sweden.

Started early developing an interest for synthesizers and computers, and has built some of the synthesizers used in his musical productions. He is also running the company Frost, which builds music-optimised computers.

Started Globe Studios in Stockholm along with old school mate Joel Mull and friends Adam Beyer and Jesper Dahlbäck. Releases ambient music under his own name on labels like FAX and Turbo Recordings, electro under the name FPU, and is also involved in a lot of collaborations with artists in the heavier techno genre – always aiming at doing something different with every new album.

Gaxa by Ulrika Wedin

Venue: Nordic Light Hotel